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                          Dambulla is below par – Ranatunga
All day-night international cricket matches played at Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium had been conducted under conditions that were appallingly below International Cricket Council (ICC) recommended ideal standards, divulged Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) Secretary Nishantha Ranatungahe stadium, one of the biggest international venues of the country will not be used for the forthcoming ODI and T20 Series against India and has not hosted an international fixture for two years. It has hosted 43 One Day Internationals, most of them on a day/night format.“Matches were not played under ideal conditions. There were reports to this nature,” Ranatunga told “Daily Mirror” referring to the belowstandard light conditions at the venue and the complaints from the teams that played there.“We have an issue with the lights. The required lux level is 2500. Dambulla has only 800” explained RanatungaThe lux is the standard unit of measuring illuminance and luminous emittance, measuring luminous flux per unit area.Ranatunga said SLC has understood the value of the venue as a strategic location for the moneyspinning shorter forms of the game, but pointed out taking international cricket to Dambulla may not happen in the near future due to financial constraints faced by SLC.