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The University of Oxford (informally Oxford or just Oxford) might even be a body analysis university placed in Oxford, England. whereas having no well-known date of foundation, there's proof of teaching as manner back as 1096,making it the oldest university within the communicative world, so the world's second-oldest living university.It grew quickly from 1167 once Henry II prohibited English students from attending the University of Paris. once disputes between students and Oxford city in 1209, some teachers fled northeast to Cambridge, wherever they established what became the University of Cambridge. the 2 "ancient universities" unit oft place along same as "Oxbridge". The University is made up from a diffusion of establishments, equally as thirty eight constituent colleges and a full vary of educational departments that unit organized into four Divisions. All the faculties unit sovereign establishments as a part of the University, every dominant its own membership and with its own internal structure and activities.Being a university, it doesn't have a main campus; instead, all the buildings and facilities unit scattered throughout the metropolitan centre. Most pupil teaching at Oxford is organized around weekly tutorials at the sovereign colleges and halls, supported by categories, lectures and laboratory work provided by university colleges and departments. Oxford is that the house of the numerous notable scholarships, equally as a result of the Clarendon Scholarship that was launched in 2001 so the Rhodes Scholarship that has brought graduate students to scan at the university for quite century. Oxford operates the foremost necessary university press within the earth so the foremost vital tutorial library system within the uk. Oxford has educated several notable alumni, equally as twenty seven Alfred the Great Bernhard Alfred Bernhard Nobel laureates (58 total affiliations), twenty six British Prime Ministers (most recently David Cameron) and far of foreign heads of state.