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Girl, aged 13, sexually abused by 35 men
 Police in Avissawella are investigating a 13-year-old girl, who had allegedly been sexually abused by 35 men on different occasions.

Eight of the suspects are already in police custody, while the girl is receiving police protection.

Her plight came to be known upon investigation of information received by OIC of Avissawella Police W.K.P. Ashoka Kumara.

The girl from a poor family in a difficult village had been raped at a very early age.

Later, her grandmother and other adult relatives had sold the girl to men from time to time.

On one such occasion, a murder had reportedly been committed, which the police are investigating as well.

Chairman of Mawanella PS remanded

The Chairman of the Mawanella Pradeshiya Sabha was remanded by the Mawanella Magistrates Court until October 12 for obstructing a police officer in his duties.

 The police stated in court that the Chairman was arrested after he had obstructed police duties while seizing a stock of timber that was being transported illegally.