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Common Sirisena’s,son’s and brothers deeds exposed by Pavithra,Sirisena is now sans clothes (video)
Minister Pavithra Wanniarachchi has warned the common candidate not to allow her foul mouth to be opened by slinging mud at president Mahinda Rajapaksa was said addressing a presidential propaganda meeting at Panadura.
She had accused common candidate as a person who was unable to eradicate the dengue mosquito,had imported inferior saline and killed thousands of patients.Sirisena’s son was involved in the brawl incident at PasiKuda beach with a DIg’s son as the females who were with him were tried to be abused and a person who has assaulted a police officer.Such acts have not been done by president’s sons she had said how is going to run a government when he cannot bring up a son in a correct manner.One of Sirisena’s brothers had excavated sand from Mahaweli river to such an extent that the river has widened to twice it’s size.
She also had said another brother engaged in rice business has created a rice mafia which had effected small rice mill owners and their families.Another brother had started a number of rubble quarry’s.