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                                     Champs relegated to lower division!

Nondescripts Cricket Club (NCC), one of Sri Lanka’s leading clubs won the country’s biggest limited overs tournament – the Premier Limited Overs Tier A – this year. The reward? Relegation into the lower category – Tier B – in the tournament for next season!To say that it is absolutely stunning is an understatement and anyone in their proper senses can understand that there must be something wrong somewhere. That somewhere is nowhere but the SLC rulebook.“We have just gone by the rulebook. We can’t deviate or bend rules. According to standings, NCC finished last. So there is no two words about it, they have to go out,” said SLC Tournament committee chairman Roshan Iddamalgoda.There is little doubt that the tournament rules should change and change quickly. If not, Sri Lanka’s cricket will become a joke and run into ruins quickly.The Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has decided that they will not entertain the two appeals made by NCC and the decision of the Tournament Committee to demote the club to Tier B would stand.NCC finished last only in the Premier League tournament but this resulted in them being demoted to the level below in all three formats – League, Limited Overs and T20 for next season. According to SLC tournament rules, a team which finishes last in the Premier League would be demoted to the Tier B. But interestingly, a “Daily Mirror” scrutiny failed to find any clause in tournament rules that specify that the same team should also be relegated in the limited overs tournament and T20 as well.